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baby bookSo when you have babe no. 2 there are certain standards you have to keep up to avoid cringe conversations occurring when they are older such as ‘how come you never did that for me’ etc.  Footprint on Pottery Cafe mug – check, Brora newborn blanket – check but when I stumbled across Little A’s Beatrix Potter baby book my heart faltered as I realised I didn’t have one for Little B.  Luckily, this was quickly rectified this morning when perusing the shelves at Trotters as I came across their rather beautiful baby book.  I love anything oldy woldy and it definitely has plenty of vintage charm.  Republished by Trotters but with original drawings, the pages beg to be filled in and it even comes in a lovely gift box to keep it pristine.  Now I just have to practise my handwriting and dig out the calligraphy pen.

baby book2

All in the detail:

Vintage Baby Book by Trotters, £14.99
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