Where the wild things are…

Last autumn on a wet and windy (typically British) holiday to the Cotswolds we stumbled upon this place which we still refer to as the best large zoo in the UK.  On the day in question as we drove down the long winding drive in thick drizzle I thought we might be the only ones there, however, of course there were a few other optimistic parents willing to tackle any weather in order to let their charges have a run around.   Surrounding an impressively Gothic manor lies a whole host of animal enclosures, formal gardens and wild flowers meadows.  Some of the animal enclosures, like the rhinos above, were housed so creatively with a combination of ha-has and shrubbery that there was hardly a fence insight.   Little A got up close with the giraffes in their feeding barn whilst Princess decided to keep him at distance from the lion arena as they made their early morning guttural calls.  Endless things to look at you could easily spend all day here and if little feet are tired of walking a Lilliputian train can whisk you from one end to the other.


All in the detail:

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens
Burford, Oxfordshire, OX18 4JP

Park opens from 10am every day (except Christmas)

NB. no Elephants to see but pretty much everything else

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