What’s new pussycat? – Disney African Cats DVD

So it was Little A’s 3rd birthday at the weekend – my how they grow.  We spent the afternoon bouncing on the huge bouncy castle at Putney Leisure Centre.  I threw in a couple of 6ft inflatable dinosaurs and a lot of E numbers and twenty toddlers had a jolly nice time.  Little A’s super generous buddies also showered him with lots of pressies and I will definitely be featuring a few on PATP in the New Year as he received some really cool and inventive gifts.  However, just in time to buy for Christmas I thought I would mention a dvd, Disney’s African Cats, he received from one of his besties. If you are bored of trying to find the double entendre in some of the other Disney classics and are a fan of wildlife documentaries then this is for you.  Obviously the commentary is a little on the cheesy side to cater to the tiddlers but on the whole the film is beautifully shot, captivating and fundamentally adult-brain friendly.  Can’t wait to curl up with Little A and Bumpa (his gramps, a huge Africa fan) this Christmas and get transported to the wilds of the savannah.

All in the detail:

African Cats by Disneynature
£4.75 on Amazon, click here to view



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