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Little B has developed a new skill.  The Tantrum.  Yes if I suggest shoes over her beloved red wellies – tantrum.  If I suggest we use the buggy when she would like to walk – tantrum.  Recently it has been over food and I am trying to smile through the yoghurt and general food flinging but I also realise that sometimes I have not helped the situation by being late to get the lunch onto the table.  To be fair to her, she usually has to wait until Little A returns from nursery so I have started to give her pudding first…on the go.  Obviously Little B would not deign herself to actually bite an apple but she sure does still love a puree.  One thing that has been bugging me though is that for all the ‘no added sugar’ chat, the brands I have been buying still do have a fair bit of ‘natural sugar’.  I have tracked down one brand though whose purees are quite a bit lower in the natural sugar stakes than the usual brands filling my cupboards; take a look at Goodness Gracious.  They are 100% organic, dairy and gluten free and Little B wolfed the Pear puree and the Mango, Coconut Milk and Brown Rice one with gusto.  They are available at Planet Organic and some other independents but I box buy online and get mine direct to the door (8 pouches in one box).

All in the detail:

Organic food pouches by Goodness Gracious 
Ranges for 4mths plus and another from 8mths plus
Free shipping when you order 4 or more boxes 
Little B loves the simple Pear one and Mango, Coconute Milk and Brown Rice puree
Click here to buy

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