We ♥ our HAILO app


Getting around London with a buggy definately has its ups and downs and my life has been somewhat simplified by the fabulous Hailo app.  For those journeys like getting to the train station when you are laden with bags plus the buggy it is a must.  Rather than trying to find a private hire car that has a car seat, all Hailo taxis are Black Cabs so you can walk your buggy straight on and keep them fastened securely in that.

When you need one you simply pop the details in and it will let you know how far your nearest driver is and the exact time it will take to reach you.  Similar to Addison Lee it also provides you with driver details and you can also pay by cash or card which is a bonus.

Free to download on Itunes.

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  1. Claire Foster August 15, 2012 at 2:06 pm #

    Genius!! Do they take double buggies?! X

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