We ♥ our Crumb Catcher

If you have asked me pre-baby days what ‘gadgets’ I would be into I would have most probably replied my iPad/iphone.  How sad it seems that my ‘techy talk’ has been reduced to hand held vacuum cleaners.  That’s right here I go extolling the virtues of the latest gadget in my household.  Yes it might look like something a male patient might require in hospital but aesthetics aside it really is a must with a toddler in the house. Stray shreddies, sand in the bugaboo, general muck from the park, water beaker spills and carseat raisin debris all gets sucked up in a jiffy by my Black and Decker.  Really saves time and much easier than having to lump the hoover out every time.












All in the detail:

Mine is the Wet & Dry Dustbuster Hand-held Vacuum cleaner by Black and Decker from Currys, click here to see more
RRP: £44.99

If you are not bothered about hoovering up wet spills then there are lots of cheaper models.

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