Vest Easy – poppered bodysuits for toddlers

This Christmas will be Little A’s last one in nappies (one hopes!) and my potty training begins in February when I will have some time to commit to making the big step.  In the meantime he is rapidly outgrowing his poppered vests and I hate seeing his back exposed to the elements whilst running around the park.  I have been on a quest to try to find poppered vests aged 2-3 years and have finally tracked some down at good old Marks and Sparks.  Their rarity is of course down to the fact that most toddlers are potty trained between 2 and 3 years but if your toddler is big then maybe like me you will be looking for a stopgap.

For girls there is a nice multipack of floral and stripe ones and for boys a tractor and stripe combo.  Also available in plain white.
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