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I thought it was about time to do a post on toys and who better to ask than Little A and his pals.  Interestingly when I asked my friends-with-babes it was perhaps suprising to see that no matter how much we love our traditional wooden toys it seems the plastic fantastic came out on top.

LITTLE A: Light and Sounds Activity Table  (pictured above)
Age range: 12 months -2 years
RRP: £40 by Early Learning Centre 

Without doubt in terms of money per use it has to be this activity table from ELC.  Given to Little A’s for his first birthday and 6 months later he is still entranced by it.  There are knobs to turn, levers to push and three chutes to send eight colourful balls down.  Most pleasing fact is that you can choose either a loud, soft or mute mode!

ARTHUR L: Moulin Roty Wooden Kitchen Stove
Age range: 12 months plus
RRP: £129.95 at Play Merrily Toys
Click here to view

Even the make of this kitchen sounds very ‘Masterchef’. Arthur, who is obsessed with all things culinary, is one lucky little chef indeed with this super smart and grown-up cooker.  Made from solid beech rather than MDF, Arthur’s mummy has bought this as an investment piece to last generations and it is already becoming a firm family favourite.

ELLA F: Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo
Age range: 6 – 15 months
RRP: £99.99
Ella picked hers up off Ebay but they are available at most big retailers eg. Mothercare
Click here to view 

The ‘Daddy’ of activity stations this comes with a hefty price tag but endless fun.  Three height adjustments means it grows with your little one and it has a motion sensor so the more they jump the more lights and sounds are activated.  Ella loved hers so much that on one occasion she promptly jumped herself to sleep…whilst still in it!

CHARLIE F: Vtech First Steps Baby Walker
Age range: 6 – 30 months
RRP: £29.99 at Amazon
Click here to view 

Charlie’s mummy got this for him when he was 6 months old so do not be deterred by the fact it is a walker.  The detachable front panel provided Charlie with hours of entertainment and was fantastic for tummy time.  Now Charlie is 14 months old it is perfect for walking and button pressing.  Slightly grating tune that will stay with you for days but a mute button should it get too much.

JEAN-LUC: 2-1 Activity Table with LEGO compatible Board  (pictured above)
Age range: 12 months -2 years
RRP: £95 by Our Little Bears
Click here to view 

Jean-Luc loves this table… and so does his mummy.  Whilst JL plays contentedly, his mummy manages to sneak in a few Grazia flicking moments making this a purchase worth making.  The table has a picture board complete with train set on one side and a lego board on the other.  Not only that but all the bits and bobs fit under the lid keeping everything nice and tidy.

HUGO R: Duplo
Age range: 1.5 – 5 years
Prices vary for different sets, available at John Lewis
Click here to view 

Where to start.  No toy list would be complete without an entry from Lego.  Totally unisex and provides hours of creative play.  As Lego says its for small hands and big imaginations.

HARRY S: Wooden Click Clack Track
Age range: 6 – 15 months
RRP: £15 at ELC
Click here to view

A really lovely wooden toy that has grown with Harry.  A great toy for him to watch when he was little and super fun now he is in the driving seat and can load up the cars. Lovely mesmerising click clack sounds.

MAX F: Xylo Roller
RRP: £34.99 at Little Delivery
Click here to view 

Way more than just a Xylophone, Max’s mummy bought this for its dual functionality and wooden appeal.  A sturdy piece of kit to pull along with lovely bright wheels adding a modern twist to a somewhat retro toy.

LUCY S: Leapfrog Learn & Groove Activity Station
Age range: 4 months to walking
RRP: £79.99 at Amazon
Click here to view 

Lucy’s mummy admits this is a bit pricey but says it is worth every penny.  Also coined as her ‘circle of sanity’ it allowed her some precious hands-free time whilst  Lucy was entertained ‘grooving’ to the tunes in a safe environment.


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