Tiny Tootsies – bronze and silver resin casting for babies


As I have recently watched Little A start his nursery school I have become only too aware how quickly time flies and how Little Ones suddenly appear to be becoming not so little.  Alongside the photo books and memento boxes there is another keepsake I am so glad we have collected to remember those tiny tot days.  When Little A was six months old we got his little trotters cast in silver resin and now Little B has joined us I have wasted no time getting the same for her.

Alison Fisher of Image Casting is exactly the person to see and now I have 2 pairs of beautifully framed feet sitting on my shelves.   The great thing about Alison’s company is that where possible she can come to you, perfect if getting out of the house with your newborn seems a mission impossible.  I had Little B’s feet cast at 8 weeks old and the results are very dinky indeed.  The resin catches every wrinkle and turn of the toe and serve as a great reminder of those early days.  We opted for the silver resin/white box frame combo each time but if you would rather be able to touch and feel the casts I would plump for the perspex box option, see below.

How is works: the Casting Visit

  • The home visit lasts around 30 minutes and it usually good to schedule around feeding time when your babe is preoccupied.
  • They bring samples for you to see and you don’t need to decide what you would like until they take the moulds.
  • Taking the moulds is a quick and simple process using a very gentle casting mousse and takes less than a minute.
  • All the cast details and payment are taken at the time of the casting visit.
  • The moulds are then taken to their workshop to be crafted into your treasured casts.
  • Your finished casts will be safely delivered to you within 3-4 weeks. If you need them sooner do ask as they can sometimes meet earlier deadlines.

The perfect gift to surprise the hubby with this Christmas.

All in the detail:
Silver and Bronze resin casting by Image Casting
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They can create Framed or Unframed Casts in Bronze or Silver Resin
A single framed Hand or Foot costs £220
Our pair of feet cost £295
The costs include: Home Visit Casting session, Frame/Display of your choice and delivery of casts


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