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Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and had great fun lining up the carrots for Santa’s reindeer on the 24th.  Little A (aged 5) seemed to be the perfect age for all festive goings-on and Little B has had us in stitches all Christmas with her ever evolving vocabulary and new penchant for fancy dress.   Something we have become aware of, however, is the appearance of the toddler tantrum.  Our meek, quiet two year old has developed a rather fiery streak and the world can seemingly end if I happen to serve her supper on a blue plate rather than a pink one.  Little A finds this all rather funny but when his sister hits the floor for some serious theatrics I find myself desperately trying to remember how I got through this stage the first time round.

Help is at hand though as Father Christmas ever so kindly brought us a Fairy Reward Box. A tangible take on a reward chart, the Fairy Reward Box is a lovely painted wooden house that you can ‘post’ up to twenty special star tokens into.  You (or the fairies) can then replace the tokens with a small reward as and when your child reaches their goals.  As we are in the midst of woeful potty training this could not have come at a better time and is newly installed above our loo!

Star tokens

For the boys out there (or the tomboy girls) there is a fab blue Pirate Chest Reward Box and you can also buy sticker personalisation kits to modify yours or distinguish sibling ones.

Here are some top tips to get the best out of your Reward Box:

For Toddlers (18mths -3yrs)
For very young children rewards need to be kept immediate and obvious.  We recommenced that their Reward Box is kept somewhere accessible (the kitchen / playroom or near the loo for potty training). Throughout the day the box can be referred to and tokens can be awarded and immediately posted.

The act of receiving a token and posting it into the box will be a treat in itself.

An achievable target ( between 5 and 10 tokens) should be set each day and at the end of each day you can incorporate the counting of the tokens and remembering what they were received for (re-enforcing messages around what is good behaviour) into their bedtime routine.

The box can also be used to target specific behavioural goals / achievements  – such as being kind, potty training, getting undressed and dressed and staying in bed until a certain time.

If the target has been reached for the day you can then swap the tokens for a small reward overnight (when the fairies are awake).  Rewards can be small gestures – a sticker, small sweet, crayon, raisins, play doh cutter etc or a promise voucher of a trip to the park/library.

For Pre-Schoolers – 3 to 5 years

For slightly older children the use of their Reward Box can be adapted to start to encourage more advanced behavioural goals and to develop their imagination.

You can set out 3-6 key areas of focus (goals) for that week – making their bed, using their manners, brushing their teeth well, sharing their toys. These goals should be clearly explained and discussed with your child so they understand how they can achieve them.  At the beginning of the week we also recommend picking a prize / reward together which they are working towards for the the week (a family trip to the park, a movie night together, a trip to the bakery to choose a treat).  As they get older you can also ask your child to start to make a choice over their rewards (for example would they prefer a small sweet treat each day they have achieved their goal or would they rather save their tokens for a larger prize at the end of the week?  This can help to develop a child’s sense of decision making as well as introducing the concept of saving.

The general recommendation is you should aim to give  2-4 tokens per day, rewarding the areas where they have done well and focusing on how they can do better tomorrow for the ones where they have not earned a token.

This is also a key age for developing your child’s imagination so you may chose to introduce an element of ‘magic’ by saying the ‘Good Behavious’ ‘fairies’ or ‘pirates’ will be visiting while they sleep to exchange their tokens for a their treat or little voucher for their reward.

When the children get older the chests/houses can also work as money boxes.


At the moment there is currently 30% off online when you use the Coupon SAVE so take a peek and lets hope 2016 gets off to a good tantrum free start!

All in the detail:

The Reward Box is available in two designs, The Fairy and The Pirate
Each comes with a slot in the top to post coins/stars 
All arrive in a cardboard gift box and come with a drawstring organza bag with 20 wooden silver stars
£35 (but £24.50 if you use the current offer code)
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  1. Luce January 14, 2016 at 1:27 pm #

    Such a great idea. Love reading your posts xx

  2. Sophie Adams January 14, 2016 at 4:13 pm #

    Thank you so much for this! We are having real problems with potty training and I think this might be the answer – have just ordered one! Thank you so much.

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