The perfect Hangover Cure – Childcare!

Now I am not saying that all of us mummies hit the town every night giddy on crackbaby shots but there are some instances and special occasions when you want to let your  hair down.  It is on these rare nights out that there is a constant reminder to keep a lid on the revelry knowing you will be up with your little one from 6.30/7am the next morning. Many an evening taxi ride has been spent tossing a coin for the luxury of a lie-in and as having just passed a milestone birthday myself I really don’t know why I didn’t book childcare for the morning after.  Yes it is a huge extravagance but then you only turn thirty/forty once.  Speaking to Georgie from renowned London Babysitting agency Like Minders she mentioned that she had quite a few clients that adopt this hangover cure for special occasions and after a quick meet and greet with their babysitter return their cloudy heads back to their pillows.  Not to mention the fact that the kids will have a lot more fun.  Like Minders is a gem of an agency as all their babysitters are over 21 years old, CRB checked and have passed a rigorous selection process.  They work as a member’s club where you pay a monthly fee, small booking charge and then £7 an hour for evening babysitting or £8 an hour for daytime childcare.

Top Tip: Like Minders also offer Ad Hoc non-member babysitting so if you are struck down with an illness or find yourself in urgent need of a nanny then give them a call and you could be fixed up with a babysitter within 3 hours.








See Like Minders tips for leaving your baby/child with a babysitter for the first time:

  • For your first booking make sure you book the babysitter to turn up an hour before you are due to go out. That way you can show them around, advise on what you would like them to do and watch them interact with your child.
  • Leave detailed instructions outlining your child/ren’s routine. If you are a member you will be provided with a Contacts and Information sheet which you should fill out and leave for the babysitter.
  • Take the telephone number of the babysitter and make sure they have yours in case they need to contact you.
  • Ask the babysitter to text you at hourly intervals or a few times throughout the day or evening so that you can feel at ease.
  • Don’t go far for the first time, go for drinks or dinner near to your home so you can go back easily if you feel uncomfortable or even want to check in half way through.
  • Leave a pashmina or an item of clothing which has your scent on it. If your child is not happy the babysitter can let them smell it and it will calm them down.

All in the detail:

Contact Like Minders on 0844 879 7189
Click here for website to find out more

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