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Travel gamesApologies for the radio silence but life seems super busy at the moment.  Now the sunshine has finally appeared and we can now spend more time out than in, that’s exactly what we have been doing.

With the long summer holidays on the horizon and with no doubt holidays being booked I thought I would do a post on how to entertain the Little Ones without the help of the iPad or iPhone when travelling/eating out.

We had a fab trip to Malaysia at Easter and every night was spent dining out with the kids and I was determined not to have to resort to the bright lights of Apps to keep them busy. First up an obvious one but pens and paper do go a long way.  I took 2 pads and a pencil case out with me every evening and simple things like drawing around your fork and spoon staved off a bit of the boredom whilst we ordered food.  Next mention goes to Stickers.  Most children 1.5 – 8 like them and you would be amazed at how simply sticking them onto plain paper keeps them occupied.  I bought some cheap packs from Amazon of Minions, Frozen characters etc. and they were super handy and so easy to stick in your bag.

If you have a long haul flight lined up then these Melissa & Doug Mess Free Glitter Scenes were brilliant.  Quite fiddly for a 2.5 yr old so they need help, but Little A at 5 loved these.  You simply rub the glitter sheets over the sticky bits and voila a masterpiece.  Perfect to bring to dinner or take onboard your flight.

If arts and crafts are a hit these Sticky Mosaic sets were also a success.  You can get easier ones for the 2-3yrs old which are great for learning about shapes and colours and more complex ones for older ones.  Fairly addictive once you get going and you end up with little works of they can keep.

Osborne’s pack of cards entitled 100 Things for Little Children to do on a Journey does exactly that.  They are wipe-clean activity cards packed with puzzles, games and pictures.  Comes with a pen to use that wipes clean (remember to buy a spare if you are travelling with more than one child to avoid WWIII!) and they were great to pack in my handbag for restaurant outings.  If you have older children then look for the equally brilliant 50 Things to Do on a Plane which follows the same formula but includes word searches and more complex puzzles/quizzes.

That’s about it.  All the above were tried and tested by us and I definitely found dining out to be more relaxing than normal, that said maybe it was because I wasn’t doing the cooking!

All in the detail:

Click all the links above to direct you to where you can buy them. 
Prices all around the £5-£10 mark.

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