The Big Freeze

frozen vegWho would have thought I would spend a minute of my life writing about frozen vegetables but here goes.  Little A’s transition to big boy food is a somewhat tricky procedure involving lots of amateur dramatics alongside a spoonful of bribery.  The biggest frustration is when you spend time making something that he dismisses in a second.  Bored of chopping, peeling and generally sweeping the floor of many a vegetable I have had success with this little pack of delights from Waitrose.  Frozen veg (apart from the beloved petit pois) is not something I have normally considered but given the variety in this pack and the brilliance of being able to cook small portions of it, it is now a staple in our freezer.   The organic element appeases my anti-convenience food streak and it means that Little A gets some of his five a day…should the mood take him.

All in the detail:

Available at most Waitrose stores or online


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  1. Sarah H April 17, 2012 at 9:25 pm #

    Ha, I know just how you feel re: spending ages cooking a nutritionally balanced and yummy meal only to find that said toddler won’t entertain even a mouthful and goes so far as to spit it out when the same meal 5 days earlier soliticted a much more welcome response. Liking your blog, I’ve been a bit slow to get mine sorted so its good to have some inspiration to work from!


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