The Bear Truth – toddler breakfast cereal


Brekkie for Little A in our house consists of Weetabix, Alpen, Dippy Eggs, Dragon porridge (Readybrek), Toast, Warbie’s Raisin Bread and his personal favourite Cheerios. Due to Little A resembling a Duracell bunny most mornings I definitely want to keep the sugar on the down-low and when I absentmindedly picked up a stray Cheerio the other day (must stop that) I was pretty shocked by how sugary they tasted.  On my next foray into Waitrose I spied these new Alphabites and as Little A polished off 2 bowlfuls this morning I think they are a hit.  Although no quite au fait with his letters yet (I got him to identify the ‘O’s) he also loved identifying all the illustrated bears on the back of the box.  I love the Bear brand as their products are always with what they call ‘no added nonsense’.  In this case Alphabites have no added sugar, no salt and no artificial colours or flavours.  Sounds good to me.

All in the detail:

Alphabites by Bear, click here to view
I picked up my box from Waitrose for £2

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