Sweet Dreams – going from cot to toddler bed

In the New Year I plan to move Little A from his cot to his cot bed and one thing I am most looking forward is actually being able to read a bedtime story in bed.  Obviously toddler proofing the bedroom is somewhat more of a challenge but I am hoping he will love his new big-boy bed.  A friend who has just put upgraded her daughter’s cot to cot bed has recommended these Dream Tubes from Dusky Moon.  In essence, Dream Tubes come in the form of a fitted sheet with pockets for two inflatable tubes.  You simply inflate the tubes and they provide a natural barrier to stop the child falling out of bed whilst also providing a cosy and snug environment.  Perfect for travel they would work a treat when visiting Granny too.

All in the detail:

Available in two sizes — single bed and junior/cot bed
Ideal for travel, lightweight and compact folding up to the size of a beach towel
Protects both sides of the bed
Suggested for children aged 18 months to 5 years
Safe and secure conforming to British Standard BS7972:2001 for children’s bed guard
From £34.99 at Dusky Moon
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Top Tips for the transition from Cot to Bed

Make a big fuss of the move.
Take your little one shopping for bedding, new duvet or pillow.
Ensure you have toddler proofed the bedroom in case they hop out of bed.
Secure all windows, especially blind cords, and make sure any electrical cables/plugs are switched off and unreachable.
Install a stairgate on door or at top of stairs.
Keep up with your bedtime routine.


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