Swaddle me up – the quest for sleep


So it is back to the days of up in the night looking after the newest member of the clan, Little B.  After Little A’s nighttime antics meant I did not sleep a full night for the best part of a year I am determined to get Little B onto a better tack.  Always keen to try new products this new swaddle suit instantly caught my eye.  Little A loved to sleep with his arms up near his face (and his little sister seems no different) but the startle reflex was always an problem.  The Love to Dream Sleep System is an all in one sleep suit that keeps newborns snug and secure and able to have their arms in the more natural position up by their face, rather than tucked across their body like the more traditional swaddle dictates.  The easy zip in access is very Dad friendly as you don’t need to get to grips with lots of layers to wrap up and the two way zip means you can keep them cocooned whilst nappy changing.  There is also a vent at the back so you can use it whilst transferring from cot to car seat without waking.  Little B road tested her new Love to Swaddle Up last night and slept well…like a baby.  She settled well either side of her feeds and I could keep her swaddled whilst breastfeeding.  Pretty impressed so far and now we have success with the white version I think I might have to buy the pink too!


All in the detail:

Love to Swaddle Up, £19.99 by Love to Dream.
Available online at cheekyrascals.co.uk
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