Summer Time – the big unpack

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Tis the Holiday season and boy what a time we have had.  This year’s trips have seen us take in the mountains of North Carolina and enjoy the rock pools of Constantine Bay in Cornwall. Here’s a snapshot of what we packed:

1. Pink Lining kids Wheelie Case. Little A’s Christmas pressie from last year has been put to good use.  He LOVED using his trolley bag at the airport and it was great to stick all the paraphernalia in that was needed for long haul flights. £30, click here to view
2. JVC kids headphones. Little A and Little B’s headphones – blogged about them before but a total winner to keep your sanity and your fellow passengers when travelling. Includes a volume limiter and you can buy a headphone splitter if sharing an iPad. £14.99, click here to view
3. Native shoes. Little B’s new kicks are from US brand Native. Like anything from the States you can be guaranteed you will see all Little Ones decked out in them next summer.  A refreshing twist on the ubiiquitous Croc.
4. Lilliput & Felix Amaranthus swimsuit. In an effort to hide the mummy tum (or perhaps its just too much rose) I decided a one-piece was the way to go.  The clever people at Liiliput & Felix make amazingly non-mumsy one pieces with subtle X panelling on the stomach for added support.  Love their retro styling and pieces now in the sale so definitely worth a look. See main pic. £159, click here to view
5. The Bubbleum booster car seat. Even though Little A no longer needs a kiddie car seat, in some countries children are required to have a booster seat. Rather than hire one every time we invested in one of these. They are portable, foldable and inflatable and roll up nicely in your hand luggage. £29.99, click here to view
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