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So with the Beckhams potentially taking up residence next to Soho Farmhouse and having enjoyed a cheeky weekender at Babington House in the run-up to Christmas, I have realised that one of the best things about the Soho House brand (aside from food/booze/spa loveliness) is their interiors.

I love their eclectic vintage vibe, peppered with luxurious velvets and leathers and all thrown in with a dash of chintz for good measure.  Waxing lyrically about our boudoir at BH to a friend, I was delighted when they pointed out to me that the Soho House brand now sell homewares online.  After giving Father C the nod, I was thrilled to find the lovely Logan rug under the Christmas tree this year and with its muted colour palette works perfectly well in bedrooms as it would in hallways and drawing rooms.

Aside from rugs they do armchairs, beds, throws, lamps, bedding to name but a few and there is a whole section offering up vintage delights too.  Essentially if you fancy recreating some Soho House chic at home then take a peek.

All in the detail:

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