Snack Time – Soreen’s little loaves

From September, Little A will have to take his lunch into nursery and so aside from choosing a snazzy lunchbox (check out Tractor Ted’s insulated one) it also leaves me with the quandary of what to put in it.  A rather fussy eater and not one to take to a quinoa salad, I fear we might easily fall into a lunchbox rut of Pombears, Philly sandwiches (obvs no exotic cucumber allowed) and a pack of raisins.  However, one item that will be featuring are these little banana loaves by Soreen.  Little A happily scoffs them now as an afternoon snack and as they are low in saturated fat and come in little individual packs, they have often saved me on many a long road trip. For something a little more indulgent and picked off the shelves when Little A is residing in the shopping trolley, I have also found Soreen’s Chocolate Mega Loaf creeping into our bags. Very moreish and only available at certain times of the year so you could call it rather exclusive.

All in the detail:

Soreen’s Banana Lunchbox loaves available at Sainsburys, Morrisons, Tesco and Asda
Only 95 calories each

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