Shopping with a tot in tow

So last week I did something miraculous.  I actually managed to shop for an entire one and half hours (including a pit stop) with Little A in tow.  As he is nearing his second birthday I thought this feat might be nigh impossible but that was until I discovered Westfield London’s Kiddy Cars for hire. We parted with our four pounds and Little A was soon clipped in and off we went.  Now obviously there is a certain cringe factor attached to pushing a large toy car around with your child inside but the pros certainly outweighed the negatives.

With a few handbrake turns thrown in and my accompanying Formula 1 commentary, we whipped round Westfield getting a few Christmas pressies.  I really thought that with his toddler attention span the kiddy car might be a ten minute wonder but he honestly loved it.  We stopped off at the kids zone so he could run about and then used the Family Room (excellent changing facilities) before a much needed lunch stop at the food court (fish finger, wedges and peas for him, vietnamese soup from Pho for me).  On the way back to the drop off I did spot a fellow mum pushing a bright red version and felt rather lucky that we had been loaned a slightly more discreet black one!  All in all definitely worth a try if you need to fit in a couple of hours Christmas shopping without any toddler tantrums.

All in the detail:

Kiddy Cars cost £4 to hire
No heavier to push than a buggy
Kids must be 12months and over
Handy seatbelt so no escaping and shopping bag on the back
Pick your Kiddy Car up from LIFT LOBBY 2, MIDDLE car park
Currently only £5 unlimited parking weekdays

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