Scooter Style – scooter accessory for your pram


Some products you can just tell have been designed by parents for parents and Scootpal is exactly that.  Bored with lugging her son’s scooter whilst trying to push the pram, one clever mummy came up with a solution.  Scootpal is an ingenious hanger to fasten your scooter to you buggy, so it stops it from falling off whether you are trying to catch the bus, bumping down pavements or heading home from the park.

This is music to my ears as Little B has recently hit the 20 month old mark and has deemed it appropriate that she should now take over the reins on Little A’s scooter.  To be fair Little A has done rather well out of this, as he is now the proud owner of a shiny new 2 wheel scooter which he tells me all the ‘big boys’ have.  I fear I used to look rather like a Sue Macartney-Snape illustration as I tried to leave the house with Little A on his scooter, Little B in the Bugaboo and me carrying the nappy bag, coats, general kiddy paraphernalia and the smaller scooter.  It is a far more prettier image now I can actually attach the scooter to the pram and no longer feel that I take over the pavement and scatter crowds as much as I previously did. With different versions for different types of pram, there should be one that works for you and like anything if it makes leaving the house just one fraction easier then its a winner for me.

All in the detail:

Scootpal HugIt by Scootpal
Can be used for shopping bags and also you can extend the fasteners so your toddler can be pulled along behind your buggy – brilliant for tired legs
More info click here
To buy click here for their Ebay shop

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