Scooter Heaven

Apart from next door’s new Daschund puppy, Little A has found a new love.  A weekend of Daddy-in-charge resulted in the supremely spoilt Little A being bought his first scooter. After continually trying to borrow other children’s scooters in the park he finally has his own set of wheels and it has been hard to get him off it. The Micro Scooter is perfect for an active 18 month old as it is effectively 3 scooters in 1.  To start with Little A has a handy little seat that he sits upon and when he gets older it will turn into a small scooter and then a mini micro one.

All in the detail:

Mini Micro 3in1 Scooter with Seat and O-Bar Handle
Suitable for ages 1-5 years and it won the best toddler toy at the 2012 Nuremburg Toy Fair.
RRP: £ 74.95 click here to buy.
Depends on how safety conscious you are but hubby also bought a Union Jack helmet to match until Little A gets the hang of it.


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