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One thing I remember being a little tedious when Little A was a tiny wee thing was the endless ‘cotton wool balls dipped into water’ that I used during nappy changes as recommended in any mummy-to-be manual.  This time round I was very pleased to be introduced to Water Wipes.  Suitable from birth and a whole lot easier to use, Water Wipes contain none of the nasties found in other wipes and so you can rest assure you won’t be aggravating your little one’s new skin (which incidentally is a whole 5 times thinner than adult skin).  Even certain brands of ‘sensitive’ or ‘pure’ wipes contain a number of chemicals which when you could be wiping bottoms up to 10 times a day is not the nicest of thoughts.  I have been ploughing through my stash of Water Wipes and Little B has no complaints so far.

All in the detail:

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