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As Mylene Klass recently found out, the protocol behind the giving and receiving of presents at children’s birthday parties can be a something of a minefield.  Hosting a birthday party also throws up some valid dilemmas too and living in London means that we get invited to all sorts of parties for Little Ones.  For Little A’s fourth birthday party I was slightly resigned to my annual trip to Poundland to pick up some plastic fantastic toys for the party bags but when I stopped and thought about how often I am throwing out similar fare at home I decided to do something different.  Inspired by a friend who had gifted books for children to take home, I got online to the Book People and snapped up a collection of audio books.  The Julia Donaldson Audio Collection is 10 CDs for under a tenner and make for great party bag fillers.  They come in individual slipcases so are easy to divvy up and yes I popped in a mini bag of Haribo to maintain the sugar high for the ride home from the party (as if cake wasn’t enough).  We had a few CDs left over and they are great for the car when the traffic jams get too much and the Little Ones need appeasing.

All in the detail:

Books and Audio Books, by
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Julia Donaldson Audio Collection, 10 Cds, £9.99
For Books try the Alfie Collection, 10 books, £9.99
or the Richard Scarry Collection, 10 books, £9.99

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