On The Road – car journeys with kids

Last weekend we made our way to Scotland to celebrate a special birthday in the family at Gleneagles.  When I say ‘we’, what I really mean is that I drove Little A and Little B the length of the country whilst the hubby took a leisurely, childfree flight to Edinburgh post work. Doing any long drive on your own with children is somewhat tricksome as you have to be the driver/children’s entertainer/loo stop manager all in one go.  This time I was prepared.  Little B at 10 months was my easiest passenger and once full of grub and in a clean nappy she was happy to snooze for the majority, cosily enveloped in her travel sleeping bag – an excellent purchase if you do lots of nighttime driving as you can transition them into a cot easy peasy as the sleeping bags have slots for the carseat harness.  Little A, however, was somewhat more demanding. Luckily I had borrowed a friend’s iPad holder (it was a goody that I will now be purchasing – click here to view) and with Frozen loaded up and ready to go we had a rather nice time. As much as I do love trilling along to ‘Let it Go’ as the next Disney frazzled parent, I certainly didn’t fancy listening to the whole film from behind my headrest and so courtesy of his rather cool JVC headphones, Little A enjoyed a bespoke cinema experience and I could listen to my own music up front.  After movie hour was over and Little A had critiqued my driving, it was time to stop playing The 1975 and put on something more 3 yr old friendly.  Little A is obsessed with Don Cooper’s Dino Songs, an album from my childhood, which not only is a trip down nostalgia lane for me but also strangely catchy. Emma Thompson’s audio version of her book, The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit, is also easy on the brain and a sweet story for all.

These were just a couple of things that made our journey north a little smoother and the restorative Hot Stone Massage I had at Gleneagles on arrival soon erased any other travel angst.


All in the detail:
We stayed in a cottage on the Glenmor Estate at Gleneagles which meant the kids could run riot in our own space but we could join the other family members and use the facilities at the main hotel, click here
Travel sleeping bag by JoJo Maman Bebe, £29, click here
JVC kids headphones, £19.99 on Amazon, click here 
Frozen DVD, Don Cooper’s Dino Songs and Emma Thompson’s The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit all available at the iTunes store
Cygnett CarGo Car Mount for Ipad, currently £13.99 on Amazon, click here

3 Responses to On The Road – car journeys with kids

  1. Kate Greenleaf May 22, 2014 at 12:23 pm #

    Fabulous tips, thank you – a stylish insight to travel time with little ones!

  2. Caroline May 22, 2014 at 2:04 pm #

    Great post – thank you. With 2 trips to Cornwall this summer and 3 children (ages 3,2 and newborn) in the back, I’ve just ordered two of everything!

  3. Laura May 30, 2014 at 4:46 pm #

    Don’t do what I did though and hit a pothole on a long journey and not have a spare! That wasn’t a fun car journey.

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