Now you see it, now you don’t – foldable garden slide


Having got our own patch of London soil last year, we are now looking forward to having a garden for a summer of BBQ’s, races through the sprinkler and general sun worshipping (when it appears).  However, there has been a slight discrepancy as to how the hubby and I are seeing fit to use the space: him – a BBQ haven and mini football/rugby pitch and me – a place for picnic teas, sunbathing during the lunchtime nap and outdoor toys for the Little Ones to play on.

I mentioned the possibility of getting a slide the other day and received a visible shudder from the hubby who was quick to envisage our pretty patch turning into a section of the ELC.  He did have a point though and simply wanted to enjoy a toyfree zone when enjoying a post-work drink ‘al fresco’ but how to please all of us? Hello the foldable slide.  Yep it does what it says on the box.  Large and brightly coloured to please the Littlies, I simply fold it in two at the end of the day and bung it in our garden shed.  Would work equally well tucked against a wall and it seems very robust. Made by trusty brand Little Tikes (makers of the famous red and yellow car from my youth) and available in a variety of sizes.  I would possibly advise waiting for another pair of adult hands to build it when it arrives, but it is hard to resist a super large box waiting on your doorstep so I just about managed it with Little A doing his best to assist.

We plumped for the large one and it has been a big hit so far.  Perfect size for Little B (22mths) and Little A (4yrs) still finds it fun.  For older children maybe consider the ‘Giant’ version and should a heatwave hit we are looking forward to pitching it into a paddling pool.



I have to say that the hubby was right and once the littlies have tootled to bed it is nice to enjoy our pretty garden in all its original charm. Now I am just trying to work out how we can ‘hide’ a trampoline.
All in the detail:
Large Foldable slide by Little Tikes
Click here to view, £74.99
Other colourways and sizes available
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