Need a Dummy Fairy? Meet Minkie Mary

mm1So last week in a little house, in the middle of a street in London, something miraculous happened.  My house went dummy free.  The mere thought of Little A ditching his dummy (or Nay-Nay) had me quaking in my boots, but at nearing three and after a trip to the dentist who further condemned them, I knew it was time to say bye-bye to his faithful plastic friends.  Little A has never had a favourite toy/blankie or comforter and instead, like our little guilty secret, he has always gone to bed armed with about 3 Nay-Nays scattered about.  Our house rule, once Little A was walking and talking, was that the Nay-Nays were for sleeptime only and had to live in the bed.

Now as usual I did a fair bit of research into the best way to give them up as I didn’t fancy the week of hell going cold turkey ‘through confiscation’ seems to imply and during an online search I stumbled across Minkie Mary.  Minkie Mary is no ordinary mouse. By day she may dance, sing and play, but at night she turns into a magical fairy who flies through the night skies collecting dummies from children who no longer need them.  The Minkie Mary experience comes in the form of a book, a ‘magic’ blue bag and a little mouse teddy.  Word of warning if you order the pack DO NOT open in front of your child as you will have to hide the book/mouse until you are ready to go dummy free.

We read the book to Little A for a week and then one day, on returning from swimming, we found the blue bag (the very same as the one in the book) “miraculously” hanging on our door. Little A fell hook, line and sinker for this and helped me collect the never-ending supply of dummies around the house and put them in the bag. He then went to bed with the promise that hopefully MM would replace the dummies with a toy mouse by the morning.  And that was it.  Yep completely amazingly he actually seemingly stayed in bed and fell asleep (something I was convinced he wouldn’t be able to do without a trusty Nay-Nay) until he awoke at 6am and we discovered his reward.  Yes he has muttered a bit about wanting them back in the following week when he is tired, but ultimately we have managed to see the back of them without a single tear or tantrum to be had.  Genius and worth every penny.


All in the detail:

Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy, by Kate Minehan
£22.44 with free shipping from Australia
Available at Fishpond click here to view
My advice if your little one is between 1-2 is to wait until they can grasp a story properly and then give it a go.  Little A is 34 months.
Click here for more tips on the Minkie Mary experience

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  1. Holly November 20, 2013 at 10:51 pm #

    This looks like a lovely idea although sadly 2 months too late for us, we went cold turkey and looking back it really wasn’t that bad! B still stares dreamily at children he sees with their dummies in but I’m thankful it’s off our list… until the next one!

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