Lunch on the go – stylish lunch boxes for kids

A couple of weekends ago Little A had his first experience of car sickness.  Unfortunately for me I was rather ill prepared.  As his little face proceeded to become greyer and greyer I began to desperately search the car for an appropriate vestibule for him to be sick into. Sadly for his Tractor Ted lunchbox that was it.  After we then promptly forgot about said lunchbox in the car overnight (gross) it was deemed beyond salvation and into the bin it sadly went. The one upside however, was that the hunt was on for a new lunchbox, one to stand out from the crowd that collected at nursery and one that had enough space for Little A’s usual lunch bits and bobs.

Pink Lining came to the rescue. Little A’s new Dinosaur appliquéd lunchbox is just the ticket.  It has an insulated wipe clean lining, and piece of elastic to keep your water bottle in place and a handy mesh pocket to keep things separate. At only £15 they make great Christmas pressies for Little Ones and there are lots of designs to choose from.  I love the Unicorn or the Ladybird for the girls and it was tough to choose between the Dinosaur and Knight one for the boys. Also worth checking out their matching rucksacks, overnight bags and wheelie cases.

All in the detail:

Lunchboxes by Pink Lining
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