Little A’s perfect dippy eggs

dippy eggs

Well ok they may not be the traditional dippy egg but way more fun not to have eggshell ruining your yolk.  To start with you need to pick up some Mabel Pearman’s Burford Brown Hen Eggs.  They are simply the best and the only eggs we keep in our fridge. Crack the shell and I swear you won’t find a more yellowy yolk.  Next dust off your poach pods, mine are from the supermarket but you can also pick some up at Lakeland.  Now before this reads like an idiot’s guide to poaching an egg I thought it was worth typing out so at least my hubby can check for reference when on brekkie duty!

  • Put an inch of water in a saucepan on to boil
  • Grease your poach pods with a bit of oil and crack an egg into each one
  • When your water is bubbling nicely pop the pods in so they float on the surface and then put lid on
  • Set timer for 4 mins

In the meantime toast your Warbie’s seeded batch and prepare dippy soldiers.

Once the timer has pinged simply pop your poach pods onto plate with soldiers and let your little one dip away!  Delish.

All in the detail:

Mabel Pearman’s Burford Brown eggs by Clarence Court, £2.15
Poachpods at Lakeland, £4.99
Warburtons Seeded Batch, £1.50


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