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Little A is hanging up his ‘night pants’ for good and we are going forth trying to achieve a dry bed for him every morning.  After a disaster the first night, Wet Bed No.1 at midnight and then Wet Bed No.2 at 6am, and after chatting with friends we are now ‘lifting’ him at 11ish and so far we have had 3 dry nights in a row.  Not sure how long this ‘lifting’ business will have to go on for but I guess my upper body strength can only benefit from heaving him to and from the bed each night. Now Little A is meant to be visiting the bathroom on his own, I have been faced with the slight problem of how he can find his way to the loo in the dark without putting every light on.  Problem solved by this handy little gadget pictured above that I think is definitely worth investing in.

We have installed one of these Gro Lights which is a simple device that fits into your existing lamp or ceiling light (available in both bayonet and screw fittings). When you flick your light switch once you get a gentle nightlight glow and when you flick the switch twice your main light comes on.  We have this installed in the hallway so there is a constant gentle nightlight glow that feeds into Little A’s room and the bathroom.  I love how discreet it is as it means you don’t have to clutter up your skirting boards with a nightlight.  Wish I had known about it sooner as I would think it would be brilliant for those night-time feeds and changes with a newborn.

Great to take with you on trips away
Great for nighttime feeding, changing or checking on newborns
Great for changing wet beds without too much disruption
Great to provide a nightlight the kids can’t tamper with
Great for hallways and providing a discreet nightlight option


All in the detail:
Gro-light by the Gro Company
1 click to turn on night light
2 clicks to turn on main light
Adjustable brightness feature for nightlight option
£13.49 at John Lewis, click here for bayonet version
£17.99 at Kiddicare, click here for the screw version

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