Ladies who lunch – entertaining toddlers out and about

vinbagI am currently experiencing a rather nice window in the toddler years when I can actually go out for lunch with Little A and Little B.  Little B is still small enough to sleep in a pram and Little A, who is nearing three, is slowly mastering being able to sit still for about an hour over lunch.  Now I totally admit I am as guilty as the next mummy when it comes to whipping out the wondrous iPad if Little A is getting a tad rowdy but it also slightly fills me with horror.  On a half-term adventure to a country pub, my clever friend had come better equipped.  Once the fidgeting had begun out whipped the ‘Village in a Bag’.  Far more quaint than the glare of an iPad screen, a village in a bag is exactly what it sounds like.  Over 50 wooden pieces in a little drawstring bag perfect to spill out over a table and keep the toddlers entertained.  At only a fiver it makes for quite a good stocking filler too.  I am going to keep mine only for ‘lunches out’ so it still retains some sense of novelty rather than getting absorbed into our hundreds of toys.  If tiny wooden pieces everywhere is not your idea of fun then check out the Usbourne Little Girls’ and Little Boys’ Activity Books.  With bits to colour in, places for stickers and things to find they are perfect for quiet table-time fun.

All in the detail:

Village in a Bag, at John Lewis (don’t forget you can click and collect to Waitrose for free)
£5, click here to view
The Usbourne Little Girls’ Activity Book, £6.99
click here to view
The Usbourne Little Boys’ Activity Book, £6.99
click here to view

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  1. Kate November 4, 2013 at 3:59 am #

    I love these! We had them when we were children – will have to get some for Freddie. How funny that they are still around nearly 30 years later.

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