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Hitting the news this week are the Government’s plans to provide mothers with one-to-one care from a named midwife during labour and birth.  If these plans come to fruition this is welcome news indeed. One thing I couldn’t quite get my head around when I found out I was pregnant was that I would have no relationship whatsoever with the midwife who would be delivering my baby.  As Little A was destined for an NHS birth I was so concerned by the media hype of overworked midwives and crowded wards, that a friend recommended that I look into the arena of Private Midwifery and put me in touch with a fantastic duo called Annabel and Mary-Rose of Kensington Midwives.  Both mothers of three, Annabel and Mary-Rose set up their practice with clients like me in mind and offer a private touch to an NHS experience.

Alongside my NHS appointments I regularly met with Annabel and Mary-Rose which ensured not only did I get to know them but they also monitored mine and Little A’s health every step of the way.  They offer various packages and as well as antenatal care I opted for them to be present at the birth. Their presence during the differing stages of labour was invaluable and when I declared to my husband that I was “simply not enjoying a single second of this” he also had someone to lean on.  When the ‘meconium hit the fan’ and  I needed an emergency C-section they gave an excellent pep talk to my bewildered, scrubs-wearing husband and provided a sea of calm amongst the flurry of the nurses .  Postnatally they visited us daily for ten days, which was a massive comfort given the sleepless nights and the endless questions that arose on bringing Little A home.   Private Midwifery might not be for everyone but given the stresses put upon today’s busy NHS midwives it is certainly an option to consider.

All in the detail:

Annabel and Mary-Rose (pictured) founded Kensington Midwives based in London.

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