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With Great British Bake-Off back on our screens it is time to turn our minds or our stomachs to all things foodie.  Now I would be the first to admit that I could do more in the kitchen and especially when it comes to cooking with Little A.  With the exception of Pancake Day I struggle to think of the last time I trussed him up in one of my aprons and handed him the whisk.  Change is in the air though and yesterday morning had an air of domesticity about it as Little A and I paired up and embraced the kitchen with a new found vigour – all thanks to Sweetpea Pantry.

In a nutshell Sweetpea Pantry’s wholesome bake-at-home mixes mean an end to those lonely half used ingredients languishing at the back of your cupboards.  Each Sweetpea Box contains wholesome ingredients all measured out and ready for you to start getting creative in the kitchen.  Little A and I had a really fun morning making ‘Ginger Giggles’. We simply added an egg, water and butter to the ingredients that arrived in our Sweetpea Box and I am delighted to report that with the help of Little A’s Playdoh-cookie cutters a whole heap of amusing looking animal biscuits were created.   Little A’s raisin-for-eyes placement was perhaps a bit inventive but they certainly tasted good.

We will definitely be using Sweetpea Pantry mixes again as you can buy ingredient boxes for pizza and pancakes too and it certainly gives you a head start in the kitchen. Also check out their fab ‘baking subscriptions’ which make the perfect pressie to ward off the oncoming winter afternoons and will certainly give your Little One a smile when the Sweetpea Pantry box comes through the letterbox.


All in the detail:

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We made the Ginger Giggles
Baking Subscriptions:
3 months – £18, 6 months – £35 and 12 months – £65
All by Sweetpea Pantry


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