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PPWe are all too aware that 2016 is the year of eating clean and whilst I sift lovingly through my Deliciously Ella book, I still on occasion (and with an empty fridge) rely on giving the kids mass produced frozen rubbish from my freezer.  Hypocritical indeed. Help is at hand though for the lucky folks living in London, as last week I met with 2 lovely young ladies set out to change the face of convenience kids’ food.  Yes you can buy meals specifically made for kids from Waitrose etc. but you will also be buying into food that has been handled on a mass scale and produced in factories.  Instead the ladies behind Piccolo Plates offer a service providing super fresh kids’ food all hand-cooked in their kitchen in West London.

pp1Not all children like the idea of a quinoa risotto and I like Piccolo Plates approach when it comes to their menu as all the dishes are reassuringly familiar (cottage pie etc.) but with stacks of hidden veg and full of nutrients.

Not only will it alleviate the guilt that you haven’t been to the shops, but it also means you won’t be feeding your Little Ones the synthetic fish fingers and waffle combo you so often resort too.  At £5 per dish they serve 2 kids (you can just about squeeze 3 portions if needed).  Free delivery and they currently deliver across London.  Perfect if you have friends visiting for the weekend, want to stock up the freezer or for those weeks when you have been flat out working and would prefer to spend any free time constructing Lego whilst dressed up as Elsa rather than hovering over the stove.


All in the detail:
Fresh dishes for children all by Piccolo Plates
£5 per dish (serves 2)
Current menu: Cottage Pie, Chicken and Pesto Nuggets, Fish Pie, Salmon & Cod Goujons, Veggie Shepherds Pie and Butternut Squash, Pea and Lentil Stew
Order via their website using their forms and they will then send you an invoice.
Click here to find out more
Click here to order
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