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One thing I wished I had done first time round with Little A was to simply jot down the sleeping and feeding routines used in the first year.  As I am currently weaning Little B and although my approach is a lot more relaxed this time round, I seem to have developed amnesia regarding what age and what foodstuffs are appropriate. One book that has come to the rescue which sadly wasn’t published when Little A was born is ‘Weaning Made Easy’ by Dr Rana Conway.  A gem of a book, it succinctly delves into the pros and cons of the two most common weaning methods: traditional feeding vs. baby-led weaning.  Crucially, there are chapters on combining both methods and how to get the best out of both worlds. I have dusted off my faithful Avent Babyfood Steamer and Blender and filled the freezer with purees but also offering Little B lots of finger foods whilst sorting out Little A’s tea.  A great book if you want a good unbiased intro to weaning and want some advice on the different methods.  It contains recipes and helpful sections on allergies alongside some good food diaries which give you a detailed idea of what foods for when.

All in the detail:

Weaning Made Easy, by Dr Rana Conway
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