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It soon becomes apparent to any new parent when they leave the hospital that babies come without an instruction manual.  Fast forward to the toddler years and this has become even more noticeable as I daily battle with Little A over his impromptu tantrums regarding seemingly innocuous things to full blown toddler meltdowns.  Who could know that cutting his Lordship’s sandwiches into triangles rather than squares would warrant such tears.  This week, however, dare I say things seem a little calmer in our house.  As much as I would love to take credit for such innate perfect parenting I must admit to a little help from the professionals at Lulubaby.  I recently attended their ‘Understanding your Toddler’ course and it certainly has given me a good insight into the mindset of those aged 1-4 and their tenacious ways. Led by Tessa Hardingham, a parent educator and play therapist, the emphasis of the talk is to understand the root of your toddler’s behaviour so you can deal with challenging situations and learn ways to prevent them from occuring.  I definitely picked up some good tips which I am putting into practise and hopefully there will be fewer toddler tussles on the horizon.

All in the detail:

Classes by Lulubaby held in London
For mums of children aged 1-4
£48 for the 2.5 hr session which includes tea (and cake!)
Small groups mean limited places so best to book early
Next session: Friday 16th May (9.30am -12pm) in Fulham
Click here to view course
Click here to see other post-natal classes (including baby massage/weaning/first aid)


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