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So Little A starts ‘big boy school’ this September which means a whole new chapter will begin.  I can’t believe that he will trot out of the door clad in a uniform and be gone until half three.  As we will soon be having to take our holidays inline with the school holidays we have decided to do one last trip abroad ‘termtime’ with the Grandparents in tow.  March is the month and as we didn’t fancy Little B’s enthusiasm for running around on a long haul flight we have opted for Dubai in the hope that the easygoing time difference, sunshine and promise of swimming pools and beaches will be the perfect holiday for all.  Rather cleverly my parents are flying out separately from us (!) and so will arrive somewhat less frazzled than Team N.  Little A is beyond excited by the thought of a hot holiday with the Gramps and he has already been running around dictating what we should be packing.  One item going straight in the suitcase are his new swimmers.  Fresh in the shops for the season are these fab Lobster trunks.  They have a nice grown up look (like Daddy’s) and are quick drying from our swim test in the pool.  Little A is wearing age 4-5 and they are very roomy so should do for a couple of years.  I have also bought him a navy rash rest from Boden to go with it.  If you fancy something a bit lighter they also do a cool baby blue short with Flamingo print.


For Daddies…
As Mr N is not a fan of the matching father/son swimming trunk combo he is going to be picking up a new pair from Frescobol Carioca.  Their refreshing colour palate of prints and bold tones offers a refreshing alternative from the usual Vilbrequin fare.

All in the detail:

Boys Swim Shorts at Trotters, £29
Click here to view
They have a fully elasticated waist great for growing tummies

Boden rash vest, £16
Frescobol Carioca Swim Shorts, from £125

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