Christmas List – The Boys

The Boys

As it was Ladies first last week, now its time for The Boys.  This year in our house it is all about graduating from Duplo to the heady heights of Lego and entering the world of Playmobil.  As both things seem destined to break my hoover and pierce the soles of my feet, I am investing in a play table for Little A’s bedroom.  After lots of research we are plucking for the Melissa & Doug one.  Most importantly it has a lip that runs around the table so you can keep all the teeny tiny bits and pieces up off the floor.  It also has a dual sided top and I have great plans to stick lego plates on one side so you can build straight onto the table.  (Check out YouTube for lots of films on how to do it).  With a bit of room under the table for some storage boxes I am hoping this might be the answer to a tidy bedroom.  Its worth noting it’s pretty large so definitely check your measurements but its currently under £90 on Amazon.

For The Boys:

  1. Every year I like to order one of these personalised rugby shirts.  Little A wears his throughout the year and they are made from lovely, thick 100% cotton.  We opt for the plain white with either red or navy lettering. Simply colours, £19.95
  2. This year Little A is really into games and in a moment of nostalgia we have ordered Screwball Scramble.  Essentially it’s an assault course for a small metal ball and as it is only for 1 player I am hoping it might keep him quiet for enough time to get the Christmas veggies on the go. Another plus point is that for once no batteries are required!
  3. Little A has a thing for crocodiles and especially trying to pretend ‘snap’ at my ankles.  Couldn’t resist getting him Roald Dahl’s The Enormous Crocodile and accompanying hand puppet.  No doubt the Gramps will be chased around the sitting room with this on Christmas Day which will no doubt provide sport for all. About £20 for both on Amazon.
  4. Little A loves to feel like a grown up and one of the big things he is desperate to learn is how to tell the time. What better way to get encourage interest than with a cool new watch. These ones by Anisnap are great as they simply ‘snap’ around the wrist so no tricksome buckles to master. Available at John Lewis, £10
  5. Coming from a family fairly addicted to Land Rovers this remote control mini Defender had to be on the Xmas list.  Easy to manoeuvre and with working headlights this tiny version of a true British classic is going to be a super treat under the tree. Available at Qwerkity, £24.99

Other present ideas worth a mention:

When Daddy is on duty in the morning I will often find the three of them curled up, not watching some Pixar classic but instead some unsuitable sport for toddlers such as bull riding or monster machine showdowns.  Now Little A has seemingly developed a thirst for watching large vehicles jumping tyres and the like he is rather spoilingly being given this plastic fantastic gem by his aunt and uncle.  The Bigfoot Arena Rocker Track Playset promises big things which I hope it will deliver.  You get 11ft of track to assemble in different configurations and you can drive the Big Foot truck on and off the track with different speed modes.  I fear the ‘bigger boy’ in our house will enjoy this too! Smyth Toys, £39.99

Even though he might be growing out of them slightly, Little A loves his Herve Tullet book so much I have bought the sequel Mix It Up to peep out of his stocking.  If you haven’t read these you should, they are very clever engaging books perfect for children aged 2-6.  Won’t ruin the surprises that lie within but it is a great gadget-free book with no lights or music to entertain – you only need to use your imagination. Mix it Up by Herve Tullet, £9.99 on Amazon

For bigger boys/girls check out Immerse Virtual Reality Headsets.  A gadget compatible with most smartphones. Around £2o on Amazon

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