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Time for Tea – fresh new china collection

So the winter months lie ahead and it’s time to get last year’s fad of Hygge firmly back into gear.  Must admit now the kids are getting older and enjoying watching Bake Off, Strictly etc. Saturday night’s in are my new going out.  In fact even a rainy afternoon offers up the perfect chance for daytime slumber – fire on, kids ensconced on the sofa and the latest Disney fare on the box.  What better to add to this scene of cosy bliss but a nice cuppa in my new Chinaware by Jo Deakin.

A refreshing change from the animal adorned mugs in my cupboard, Jo Deakin’s new collection is fresh, contemporary and most importantly made of fine china.  As much as I love the mugs adorned by my darlings’ footprints or handprints from the days of the Pottery workshops, nothing beats a more grown-up cup of tea in a lightweight, fine china mug or cup and saucer.

The collection is engineered to be mixed and matched and the packaging (and price!) makes them the perfect gift for girlfriend’s birthdays or thank you pressies for weekend hosts.

Take a look. Ideal for the Christmas gift list.

All in the detail:

All by Jo Deakin
Mugs are £12
Cup and Saucer £18
Click here to view


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Pedal Power – Go-Karts for kids

Apologies for the radio silence but big things have been happening. I have been busy turning my town mice into country ones as we have made the big move out of London this summer.  Moving to the countryside has its downsides and its positives, and a big plus in our eyes was being able to have all sorts of fun outdoor games and toys without the worry of storage.

Whilst doing up our new house, I wanted to get the kids something that would get them outdoors, keep them busy, last for years and something they could play on with their friends.  I knew I didn’t want anything that had a motor as I wanted the kids to be safe playing on their own and I didn’t fancy the faff of batteries running out and refuelling. Hello Berg go-karts. Unlike the go-kart of my youth which was held together with string, Berg go-karts are an entirely different beast.  Slick, streamline and lots of fun. They are pedal karts that come in lots of different styles/colours and you can buy extra seats for friends, hitch a trailer to them or just race your sibling like mine do.  Different sizes for different ages – Little B rides Berg Buddy aimed for kids 3-8 whilst Little A bombs around on the Berg X-Cross BFR which is far bigger and adult/Daddy friendly too.

The summer holidays may be long but I can certainly vouch that these will last for longer, so if you are looking for a childhood toy which is going to go the distance then take a look at these.
All in the detail:
Go-karts by Berg
Available at many UK online outlets
Berg Buzzy – their smallest go-kart starts at £89
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How to win the Thumb War – finger guards for kids

So every so often a true unsung hero of a product comes along that deserves its time in the spotlight.  It may not be flashy, it may not be expensive but if it does what it says on the tin then it is definitely a purchase worth making.  Say hello to the Thumbsie.

Rewinding a little to when Little B was a teeny baby.  I was beyond thrilled when, rather than rely on a dummy like her bro, she sought out her two fingers and self soothed in an instant.  She slept through the night quicker and car rides were a dream.  In fact I felt like we were winning at life even if the sound of her sucking her fingers was akin to Maggie from the Simpsons.  Roll on a few years and in her fourth year it wasn’t quite so sweet.  Whereas I became the ‘finger police’ at home, at school I heard she was doing it more and more.  This Easter holidays I had had enough when I caught her sucking her fingers almost 80% of the day.  Our dentist was also not such a fan and so the midnight googling began.  Yes there was the revolting nail varnish stuff that I remembered from my thumb sucking youth but I was a prime example that it never truly worked.  Then I stumbled across the Thumbsie.  Created by a mum, who like me was looking for an alternative solution, she designed a soft cotton glove that covered her daughter’s thumb. When worn consecutively over 3-5 weeks it breaks the habit and voila the days of thumb or finger sucking are behind you.  Although part of me was sceptical I thought it was worth a shot and I am so pleased we did.

I ordered the finger guard version and chose a couple of fabrics that would appeal to Little B (a unicorn one and a purple pony one).  In hindsight I should have ordered 3 as they come home from school filthy, you need a new one for night-time and then I sometimes wasn’t quick enough at washing the school one.  On arrival I would best describe them as a little pillowcase for the 2 fingers that velcros around the wrist.  The accompanying reward sheet was also worth it and once back from school and when I made sure she wasn’t ‘hangry’ I did the grand unveiling.  Little B loved the prints, thought the reward chart was ‘cool’ and was quite delighted to have something her brother didn’t.  Night 1 was a huge novelty and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I checked on her and saw it was still in place and she had nodded off to sleep.  School thankfully was another triumph as there was much fanfare from her friends about the unicorns although a few people mistook it for a bandage and kept asking her how she had hurt her fingers!

Long and short of it is that 5 weeks later we are in the clear and I am just so happy it was achieved in such a positive and kind solution.

Big literal ‘Thumbs Up’ to Jo for making her finger guards and no doubt Little B will get a high 5 when we next visit Mr Dentist too.

All in the detail:

Thumb and Finger guards, £9.95 each
Come in variety of fun prints – you choose
Bundle options available and measuring guide online too
For more info and to buy click here

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Doctor Who? Doctor on Demand

So we have all been there when you are packing your bags for holiday and your Little One comes down with a sore throat/rash/ailment and the phone line to your GP seems permanently engaged.  Help is at hand in the form of a handy little app – Qure.

Currently operating in and around Zone 1 and SW postcodes, but will soon be expanding to other areas, it really is worth knowing about.  I put it to practice last weekend when after a period of feeling run down I discovered that the rash on my face might just be the dreaded shingles.  It was a Sunday and as the rash was near my eye I knew I needed to see someone asap.  I downloaded Qure and within 2 hours Dr Dewan arrived at my door. Diagnosis confirmed I had my prescription and was able to start a course of medicine the same day.

Brilliant for those times when travel is problematic with poorly Little Ones as a GP will come directly to you. Prices start at £70 and include a 20 minute consultation.

All in the detail:

Download Qure from your App Store
Currently Zone 1 London and SW postcodes
Prices £70 weekdays per appointment
Weekends £90
For more info click here

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Angel Delight – Olivier Baby for Angelmans

Meet this smiling little cherub Amelia modelling her insanely cute new cashmere jumper by Olivier Baby & Kids.  Amelia was born with Angelman Syndrome, a neurological disorder characterised by profound developmental delays and no functional speech, and 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this new cashmere collection will go to the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST UK).

FAST UK is a charity dedicated to increasing awareness of Angelman Syndrome and in turn work on finding a cure. The Foundation is also committed to assisting individuals living with Angelman Syndrome to realise their full potential and quality of life.

A wonderful addition to any winter wardrobe and a brilliant reason to buy one.

All in the detail:

Cashmere Jumpers available in Cream, Duck Egg and Smog Grey (Pink coming in Nov)
Sized 3mths – 4years
Baby rompers online
Cashmere Blankets coming soon 

Click here to view 

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Get with the Picture – curating your own walls

So how many of us are guilty of snapping a hundred pics of the kids, only for them to fester in a folder on your laptop rather than be printed out and enjoyed? The other day a friend gave my two Littles their own photo flip albums with recent holiday pics inside and they were thrilled to actually see them physically printed out.  As I am way too lazy to take memory sticks to shops and rummage for albums, a new website has caught my attention and it is simply brilliant at providing a straightforward, easy way to create masterpieces from the snaps off your smartphone.  Even better, if you are an Instagram junkie then there is an easy file upload tool to take snaps straight off your insta feed. Hello Inkifi.

For Father’s Day, I gave the husband one of their wonderful Instagram Gallery Frames (see above) documenting the last year or so and it duly arrived all framed and ready to don the walls.  Their photobooks are also super easy to use and a lot less of a faff than other photobook websites.  I like their framed Instagram prints for £30 for presents too.

Its time to get with the picture, download the app (its the way I ordered) or go to their website and quite soon your pics will be released from desktop purgatory and sitting quite happily on your coffee table or merrily hanging on your walls.

All in the detail:

All by Inkifi
Download their app or visit their website
You can order Prints, Photo Books and Wall Art 

Their Instagram Photo book is £15.99 for 24 pages
The Instagram Gallery Frame is £52.00 and 20 x 16 inch
If you don’t have Instagram then don’t fret you can simply download pics from your computer folders.

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S/S 17 Lust List – Katie & Jo

I realise that I am getting to the stage in life when my girlfriends are becoming uber successful. One has her novel published this summer (more on that to come), another is she-bossing it in the city, one friend spends her days delivering babies and lots have set up creative and innovative businesses from their kitchen tables.

A couple of such schoolfriends have not only created a successful boutique in the heart of Parsons Green, but are currently launching their first eponymous collection and it is right up PATP’s street.

Katie & Jo have channelled years of noting exactly what their clientele look for and created a capsule 5 piece collection full of bohemian vibes and pops of neon.

I love the Florence dress (above) – perfect for the summer days to come and my hero piece of the collection is their navy military jacket which has a stunning embroidered back.

Out after Easter weekend – happy shopping!
All in the detail:
All Katie & Jo S/S 17 collection
Click here for online store
Florence Dress, £145
Thea top, £85
Pom scarf, £65
Available instore and online w/c 18th April
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Easter Eggstravaganza

Less than a week to go until a giant rabbit sprinkles its foil coloured droppings around the garden and my two are already a little overexcited.  If you fancy something a little different to the usual supermarket chocs then have a look at the below.

I am turning to Hotel Chocolat for their super sweet chocolate characters –Woolliam the lamb and Elizapeck the chick.  They also do sophisticated grown up versions – I am hankering after the Hard Boiled Salted Caramel Easter egg.

Marks and Sparks have come up trumps with their rather lovely embossed rabbit mugs.

For some post Church activities I bought a couple of these Paint your own Eggcups by Tobar that I snapped up on Amazon, alongside Laura Hughes’s Egg Hunt Activity Book packed with puzzles, colouring and stickers.  If your little one is too small to enjoy the wonders of an Egg Hunt then skip the chocs and have them sitting pretty in this Bunny smocked Bubble by Trotters.

If you really wanted to go to town with your Easter table then take a look at M&S’s retro Easter plates. Vintage in look, each plate features charming bunnies or chicks.

Wherever you are this Easter I hope you have a very ‘hoppy’ time indeed x

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Spring Bloom(ers) – Liberty print bottoms

Yes yes I am aware I maybe should have called this blog Princess and the Liberty Print as it seems the majority of my posts seem to focus on my penchant for the classic, delicately detailed, floral British fabric. I couldn’t resist flagging up my latest discovery Tinker & Belle – purveyors of gorgeous classic childrenswear made to order with Liberty Art Fabrics.  Created by a mum, who was struggling to find little girls’ clothes she liked that were simple in shape and devoid of cartoon characters, and looking to achieve that perfect balance of a career and motherhood, set up her sewing machine and Tinker & Belle was born.

I love the longer length baby bloomers – perfect to take you through the crawling stage and lightweight enough for summer days. Boys need not be left out and her printed shirts would be perfect for summer weddings and Christenings. Take a look.

All in the detail:

All by Tinker & Belle
Age range – Babies to girls/boys aged 10
From £19
Made in the UK 
Delivery times may vary as each piece is beautifully made by a busy mummy!

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Paw Patrol – Puppy love

So something very exciting happened last week – we welcomed our third.  Well, before a flurry of well wishing I should probably clarify that our third has four legs, the sweetest face and a very waggy tail.  Yep after a few years of pet-badgering from the Littles we have dodged the goldfish, hamster and stick insect option and gone the whole hog and got ourselves a wee pup.

Now I am fully aware that most of you signed up to Princess and the Pram not Princess and the Pooch but I couldn’t resist doing one blog post on all things mutt related.
First up is this rather marvellous crate and crate cover from Lords and Labradors.  Due to London living and the sad lack of a utility room, I was keen for my kitchen not to resemble a veterinary surgery and so opted for this rather chic beige ticking number.  We put the flap down at night and it keeps it nice and dark for our new addition.
Next up is Mungo and Maud.  Well as if getting a puppy wasn’t enough, checking out the retail therapy on offer for all things pooch related is my new favourite hobby.  Rightly labelled as a Dog and Cat Outfitter, Mungo & Maud certainly has the smartest bits and pieces to complement the contemporary home.  I am eyeing up one of their divine collars for when my pup reaches full size.
When past the crate stage and once the Little Miss has stopped gnawing everything in sight I will be looking to Charley Chau for one of their fantastic dog beds – see main pic. If you have to have your pet very much in your living space then take a look at these. I love the look of this raised Rattan one – below.
Lastly couldn’t resist sharing a pic of the newest member of the family, Little M.
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