Bottoms Up – funky baby leggings

B&RAdmittedly Little B is not even sitting up on her own yet but I am all too aware that some day soon she will be starting to crawl.  Gone will be the days of pretty frocks which might trip her up and so we will be embracing the land of the leggings and dungarees, perfect to scarper around the house in.  I was delighted she received a very cool pair of Blade & Rose leggings for Christmas as they perfectly solve the issue of how to cover one’s derriere when one is crawling.  Created by a mum on maternity leave who was constantly arranging her daughter’s dress so that the tight gusset wasn’t on show, Blade & Rose leggings are nicely thick, high quality and come in both girl and boy versions. We have the red/cream stripes with the strawberries on the bottom.

All in the detail:
Leggings by Blade & Rose, click here to view
£10 each
Our faves: The Pirate, The Ice Cream and The Strawberries.
Also worth noting they also sell tops and hats to match


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