Beauty at Home

Let me let you in on a little addition to your London address book.  Along with Little A’s arrival I soon came to realise that gone were the days of spending leisurely hours at the manicure counter of Fenwicks and leaving the house with just a small handbag.  Swiftly I became aware that if I wanted to retain any element of my former beauty regime things had to change.  Hello mobile therapist Rebecca Thomas.

With over 6 years experience in the Beauty industry Rebecca comes to your home and covers a myriad of beauty treatments that you won’t need to book a babysitter for.  My preference or cheats way to looking groomed is a Shellac mani (sometimes known as the 2 week manicure).  In the early baby days, my friends and I would gather at each other’s houses and take turns baby-cooing whilst Rebecca worked her magic.  Now Little A has finally worked out that he needs to recharge his batteries with a lunch time sleep I can get through a pedi and mani uninterrupted.  Competitive with spa prices but in the comfort of your own home, for a little bit of luxury give her a call.

All in the detail:

Shellac nails from £25
07824 996 648


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