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Ok a bit of a mundane post but here we go.  A friend of mine’s baby is graduating from bottle to beaker and she wanted to know what Little A used.

For morning and night milk we use Tommy Tippee’s Easy Drink Beaker, RRP 4.99.  It really is non spill and means Little A can wander round with his evening milk without any fear of spillage. Available at Kiddicare, click here to buy.

For travel on the go we use the Nuby Flip-it as even when the straw part is exposed it doesn’t leak. RRP, £3.49 at Waitrose click here to buy.

For daytime water we use Tommy Tippee Kids on the Go Super Sipper as it has a free flow spout. RRP, £3.56 and suitable from 9 mths. Click here to buy.


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  1. Emma July 18, 2012 at 10:04 am #

    Brilliant, thank you! Have been wondering about this – mundane but very useful!

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