Bath time special

Little A has always loved bath time right from the beginning and I thought I would share with you the few items that have certainly made our life easier.  Before the stork landed I was toying with buying a baby bath but was resentful that it would take up much needed space and would be difficult to store.  A few conversations later and a lovely friend provided a completely different and brilliant alternative in the form of this baby floating cushion.  Super soft and not rigid like other baby supports, it is made out of something akin to a bean bag.  It floats on the water and once you support the underneath with your arm then your baby can kick/splash and float around your standard bath tub.  Once dried it can easily be stowed in a drawer as it folds up quite small.

When Little A graduated to being able to sit up we moved on to this genius Aqua Pod from Mothercare.  We still use this today and as it is open on the sides, it is super easy to slide Little A into position and most importantly, I finally have something to deter the adventurer from those exciting looking taps.  One downside is like any bath mat it takes rigourous cleaning to ensure a murky build up of muck doesn’t appear but there is also the option of just popping the seat in the bath and storing the mat for later when there might be two kiddies in the tub.  There is also a twin seat version too.

Top Tip: Little A was not very keen on brushing his teeth until one day when I joined in and brushed mine too.  This is now a ritual which usual ends in laughter as we try to give each other’s teeth a good scrub.

Rubber duckies do not last long in our household in fact anything with a hole in it harbours all sorts of yuck after time.  These foam letters and numbers are a great hit and whilst I am not registering Little A for MENSA yet he has fun just sticking them to the walls or granny’s forehead. Other favourites include toys by zoggs and waterproof books. Jojo Maman Bebe has some nice ideas on bath toy storage too.

Top Tip: When cutting your baby’s nails it is best to do it after bath time as the nail softens making the whole process easier 

All in the detail:

Letters and Numbers for the bath are by ALEX Rub a Dub ABC and 123 Shapes for the Tub, available at Amazon, RRP: £9.99
Bath Float by Babytec available on Amazon, RRP: £10.99
Aqua Pod by Mothercare, RRP: £29.99
Zoggs at Kiddicare, RRP: £6
Bath storage ideas at Jojo Maman Bebe

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