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When I was pregnant with Little A one thing that preoccupied my fashion brain was what baby bag would I be toting on my arm?  What could replace my beloved Temperley handbag?  Luckily my lovely work colleagues came to the fore and when I went on maternity leave they gave me a beautiful Storsak Elizabeth.  With a nod to Chanel, the black quilted leather exterior was perfect for the winter and as like all the best baby bags you actually had to look closely or examine the insides to discover its actual baby clutter purpose.  I had the black but Storksak do some lovely tan ones for summer.

Another brand to definitely consider is Sugarjack.  Sadly not around when I was pregnant this new(ish) brand pride themselves on catwalk inspired baby bags.  I love the fact that each bag comes with its own removable baby organiser and so on baby free days or evenings out you can clear out the baby bumpf and feel like it is a regular bag.

My faves are….

If you are after a more bespoke experience then look no further than Flora McKillop London.  Flora works with her clients through the creative process to achieve your perfect personalised baby bag.  You get to choose fabric/lining/colour/strap lengths etc. and prices start from £160.

Baby bag in Emily Bond ‘Black Labrador’ fabric available at Flora McKillop London, click here for website

All in the detail:

Storsak , price range £78 – £275
click here to buy
SugarJack , price range £189 – £349
click here to buy
Flora McKillop London -prices start from £160 for bespoke
click here to contact Flora


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