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Little A started his last year at nursery last week (gulp) and I cannot believe that this time next year ‘big’ school beckons. I want to make sure that Little A is as equipped as possible for his classroom days and I recently followed up a friend’s recommendation and attended a Phonics, Reading and Early Writing Workshop by Educate With Iona. Wowee. Quite the eye-opener. The workshop’s aim in a nutshell is to help prepare your child for school and support them in their first year there.  So if your Little Ones are heading that way then attending one of Iona’s workshops is definitely something you should consider.

Hosted in Iona’s Chelsea home the groups are small, packed with info and you get to take a handy guide home with you. It made me appreciate that realistically Little A’s one bedtime story is not really going to cut it given that I could be doing so much more. Key to Iona’s success is that she understands that we are all busy people and so she give you lots of tips, games and resources to help channel those precious minutes you get to sit down with your Little One. One of her top tips is that is should be fun. Little A and I now enjoy our ‘special time’ when we play one of Iona’s games and I have to say he loves it. Whilst I have friends who are teachers, I personally had no idea what Little A would be taught during his first year at school and now I feel so much better having a general gist. More importantly I now feel that I can support him at home whilst knowing what he will be learning at school.


All in the detail:

Educate with Iona workshops, click here for details
All workshops run by Iona, a qualified and experienced teacher, who has taught in Kensington and Chelsea for over 9 years and co-ordinated the school’s phonics teaching for 6 years

She is also a mummy to two young boys
Workshops last approx 1.5hrs and each session has no more than 12 participants
Sessions are aimed at supporting children from the age of 3 upwards, including those in their first year at school
Based in Hampshire and London, Iona also offer private classes hosted in your own home in or outside of London

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