Back to school – scooter storage

scooterTermtime is round the corner and as I am frantically sewing in the Little A’s nametapes (why I have gone old school I don’t know!) my thoughts have turned to how much more ‘kit’ will be cluttering our hallway.  Thankfully there is a little gizmo that might help with some of it.

Scooterpeg does exactly what it says on the tin and provides a handy hook so you can tidy away your kid’s scooter and clear some of the clutter.  Once up and off the ground it also works as a handy little shelf to put their shoes on.  They come in lots of bright colours but killjoy me went for the subtle grey as it works best with our interior.
Designed and made in the UK, its perfect for cluttered London hallways or great to tidy up your garage if you have the space.
All in the detail:
Scooter hook by Scooterpeg, £9.95
Designed and Made in the UK
Range of colours and comes with wall fixings
Name stickers also available 
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