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shoesiesThis weekend is one of my best friends’s wedding and as I am over 6 months pregnant and trying my best not to imitate a beached whale I have decided that a pair of killer heels is required.  Having just jetted back from a rather indulgent holiday (review coming soon) my Anya Hindmarch purse is feeling the pinch so I decided to look in the wardrobe to muster a pair.  There languishing rather forlornly at the very back were my wedding shoes.  Ivory, peep-toe Louboutins bearing all the hallmarks of a fabulous wedding day, grass stained and muddy, they have remained in their box for the last 5 years.  Too dirtied to wear and with too many memories to part with, they have endured a rather sheltered life harking back to one day’s wear…that was until I decided to send them to a fabulous lady new to my address book.  Recommended by the Louboutin Mayfair store, you simply send your shoes off to ‘Bobbi’ and she returns them freshly dyed and with a new lease of life.  I got mine dyed black and they look as good as new.

All in the detail:

Click here to see Bobbi’s website
Call 020 8360 6148 for a quote
Prices vary but for a straight dye job you are probably looking £50-£70


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