What we will be reading this month…

For Princess

PURE by Andrew Miller.  Set in eighteenth century Paris, the protagonist Jean-Baptiste Baratte is tasked by the King of France with the mission to demolish the city’s oldest cemetery.  It proves to be a huge undertaking and one that has repercussions not only for those that surround it but for Barette himself.

Sceptre Books, £8.99

For Little A

A BIT LOST by Chris Haughton.  The adventures of Little Owl who falls out of his nest, will he find his mummy again with the help of his forest friends?

Walker Books, £6.99

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  1. Sarah Bourguignon April 24, 2012 at 9:50 am #

    I loved this book and bought it as I’d visited the catacombs in Paris where all the bones were stored after the cemeteries were destroyed. I had to get the dictionary out A LOT. Tons of words I’d never heard of.

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