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So last weekend was one I would rather like to forget. On Friday afternoon Little A took a seemingly innocent trip in the kitchen which resulted in him biting his tongue and an astonishing amount of blood poured onto the floor. But like anything Little A does he had indeed put 100% into it, and on a closer rather gruesome inspection I soon realised that he had in fact bitten the end of his tongue into two. Now splitting one’s tongue serpent-like might appeal to a small percentage of the boundary-pushing body modification crowd, but it was obvious that poor Little A needed a trip to A & E and fast. To cut a long story short he did need a general anaesthetic in order to stitch it back together and that meant an overnight stay in hospital.

Once over the initial shock of his accident, trying to keep an energetic three year old entertained on a hospital bed is fairly tricksome.  Thankfully the iPad was dutifully delivered and I downloaded a couple of new apps that certainly proved a hit.  The most popular were made by Toca Boca and the puzzles and brain teasers proved to be fun and extremely intuitive for Little A to use. Aimed for the 2-6yr old market, the apps were brilliant for filling in the endless hours pre-op.  We downloaded Toca Pet Doctor and rather aptly Toca Doctor. Each app depicts a series of puzzles and mini games with cute graphics and fun sounds. Toca Pet Doctor lets you cure a host of cute and cuddly animals in need of some treatment whilst Toca Doctor lets you become a doctor for the day.  Take a look.

All in the detail:
Both available at the App Store or Kindle Fire
Approx £1.99
We have since downloaded Toca Kitchen Monsters and Toca Train
You can view videos of the apps here



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