An Eggcellent Idea – National Trust Easter Egg trails


Easter brings out my inner child.  My voracious appetite for chocolate knows no bounds and my competitive streak shines through – traits that Little A has seemingly inherited as each morning begins with ‘when is the Easter Bunny coming?’.  I like to eke out Christmas to roughly about 2 weeks of festive fun so I am slightly applying the same theory to Easter and aside from church visits and our usual hunt around the garden on Easter Sunday I have been looking for other Easterish things to do to.  Luckily for us, Cadburys have been on the case and have delivered over a quarter of a million Cadbury Eggheads (that’s a lot of chocolate) to over 300 National Trust properties.  You can simply go to their website – click here – and enter in your postcode to find a trail near you. We are staying with the Gramps over Easter and when I entered in their fairly remote countryside postcode it popped up with 3 National Trust properties close enough to visit.  The event is spread over four days so the chances are the crowds will be nicely spread out – looks like we now have a plan for at least one day of the Easter Hols sorted.

To find your nearest Cadbury Eggsplorers Easter Egg Trail click here

All in the detail:

Over 300 locations across the UK
Every trail begins at Base Camp where your child will receive their Eggsplorer Trail Journal which  includes a trail map and clues to help them on their way. After successfully completing the trail each Eggsplorer will be rewarded with a rather delicious Cadbury Egghead.
Click here to find a trail near you
Prices vary by property but my local one is £1.50 per child

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